Dear Friends,

Greetings from SDET - Tamil Nadu.

We would very sadly like to share our problem with you all that, our office building was severely collapsed by wild storm on last 24th April. Fortunately no one was injured by this disaster. I am sending 6 photographs one by one to you all to make the understanding on range of damages for the building. I hope that you could recognize this premise and realize the importance of its space for our entire activities. Indeed we are in very tragic position and so troubled to manage our routine works.

We are not having any specific funds for face the issue like this at any of our projects. So we very kindly request you all to consider to extend your supportive hand to rebuild or renovate this venue. We know very well that you are in much hectic to mobilize the sources for our projects. But we don't have any other way to overcome this struggle. We request of your enough understanding on our critic position. Hence please try to do your maximum favour to us with this regard.

For your kind information that for the immediate relief we will be required minimum Rs.85000 (eighty five thousand) on our calculation to rebuild it as previous condition. For the permanent relief we will be surely needed some more and it should be estimated. You may consider to do this assistance separately or jointly and it will be up to you. If you let us know your willingness we will arrange according to that. You may also contact us for the requirement of any more details regarding this.

We are looking forward for your favourable reply at your earliest convenience.

Thanks with kind regards,